Polar Pacer – GPS Running Watch – High-Speed Processor – Ultra-Light – Bright Display,

Polar Pacer, GPS Running Watch:

GPS Running SamartWatch.

Polar Pacer – GPS Running WatchGPS Running Watch – High-Speed Processor – Ultra-Light – Bright Display – Grip Buttons.

GPS Running SamartWatch.


Minimalist Design GPS Running Watch

Running – the way it should be. Stripped back and streamlined for a liberated, effortless running experience.

Polar Pacer, GPS Running Watch:
Polar Pacer, GPS Running Watch:
Polar Pacer, GPS Running Watch:
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• Lightweight (40g), ergonomic design with super-grip buttons.

• Hyperfast processor

• Always-on MIP color display

• Accurate GPS and long-life battery

Polar Pacer, GPS Running Watch:

Running Essentials:

Let’s take it one step beyond when it comes to running science. More performance insights in sight.

• Walking Test

• Running Performance Test

• HR Training Zones

• Running Index and Race Time Predictor

• Season Planner and tailor-made running programs

Advanced Training Tools:

If you want to get serious, having a suite of powerful training features at your disposal will help you run towards your goals.

• Training Load Pro

• FuelWize smart fuel reminder and Energy Sources

• Polar Running Program

• FitSpark daily training guidance,

Polar Pacer - GPS Running Watch

Polar Pacer, GPS Running Watch:

24/7 Activity Tracking.

Being active is important to your health so it makes complete sense that tracking your activity all day, every day is important.

24/7 Activity Tracking will automatically count the moves you make and the steps you take.

Walking Test:

Improving on something you can actually see is much more simple than guessing.

VO2max is the ultimate figure to illustrate your aerobic fitness – and now finding it is as easy as going for a stroll.

Sleep Plus Stages.

Getting enough quality sleep is vital for your health and well-being.

Sleep Plus Stages automatically tracks the amount and quality of your sleep and shows how long you spent in each sleep stage.

Nightly Recharge.

See how well your body recovers from the demands of your day during the night – open your eyes to information you can use.


The Polar Pacer Ultra-Light GPS Fitness Tracker Smartwatch is the perfect smartwatch for runners serious about improving their performance with tracking for time, place, distance, and laps. on a crystal clear, always-on, MIP color display. With up to 35 hours of battery life on a single charge while training mode (up to 100 hours in power save mode) this lightweight, 40g, watch is perfect for men and women in sizes small, medium, and large and comes in a variety of colorful straps.

Features include heart rate monitoring, specialized training and recovery tools that provide personalized guidance and feedback with short-term and long-term monitoring of stress and cardio load. You can even plan and track your fitness using the Polar Flow App, included with purchase available on Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fi.polar.polarflow&hl=en_US&gl=US) and App Store.

(https://apps.apple.com/us/app/polar-flow/id717172678). With an enhanced processor powering faster performance and screen transition and a GPS that tracks every step and turn, the Polar Pacer Smartwatch is the ideal running partner for professional athletes and everyday runners alike.

Polar Pacer, GPS Running Watch:

Features & details:
  • Provides essential tracking for runners including time, pace, distance, laps, stopwatch on a crystal clear, always-on, MIP color display
  • Up to 35 hours of battery life on a single charge in training mode; up to 100 hours in power save mode
  • Perfect for men or women
  • GPS tracks every step and turn,
  • Easy to use,
  • Lightweight, 40g, design is ideal for runners.
  • Features advanced, wrist-based heart rate monitoring and specialized training, sleep, and recovery tools
  • Enhanced processor for faster performance and screen transition

Plan and track your training with the Polar Flow app, no subscription required.

In the event that you’re an energetic sprinter, you know that it is so vital to have the right stuff to keep tabs on your development, work on your exhibition, and remain propelled. That is where the Polar Pacer GPS running watch comes in. This best in class watch is loaded with highlights that will take your running experience to a higher level.

Champion Elements:

One of the champion elements of the Polar Pacer is its fast processor. This implies that you won’t ever need to stand by lengthy for your watch to load or track your information. Whether you’re anxious to begin your run or need to rapidly audit your details subsequently, the Polar Pacer won’t dial you back.

Notwithstanding its expedient processor, this watch is additionally super light. Tipping the scales at only a couple of ounces, you’ll scarcely see it on your wrist. This makes it ideal for marathon runners who need to keep away from any pointless mass or weight while they vanquish the miles.

Another champion component of the Polar Pacer is its brilliant presentation. Regardless of the lighting conditions, the watch’s energetic screen guarantees that you can without much of a stretch read your details while progressing. Whether you’re running in the early morning or late around evening time, you’ll constantly have an unmistakable perspective on your time, distance, speed, and that’s just the beginning.

In any case, what really separates the Polar Pacer from other running watches is its grasp buttons. These uniquely planned buttons permit you to control your watch without missing a stage. Not any more mishandling with minuscule fastens or attempting to explore a touchscreen while running. With the Polar Pacer, you’ll easily have the option to switch between screens, begin and stop your run, and access different elements with simply a speedy and simple press or swipe.

The Polar Pacer is something beyond a running watch – it’s your devoted running friend. With its rapid processor, super light plan, splendid showcase, and hold fastens, it’s the ideal wellness contraption for sprinters, everything being equal. Whether you’re a fledgling hoping to work on your endurance or a carefully prepared long distance runner holding back nothing best, this watch will assist you with keeping tabs on your development and accomplish your objectives.

Fundamental Running:

So why settle for a fundamental running watch when you can have the high level elements of the Polar Pacer? Put resources into this first rate gadget and lift your running experience higher than ever. With the Polar Pacer close by, you’ll have every one of the devices you really want to improve as an and quicker sprinter.


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