Wireless Mic:

iPhone Android Live Broadcast Gaming Phone Mic.

wireless mic.


Wireless Mic:

Just found this amazing item, New Wireless Lavalier Microphone Portable Audio Video Recording Mini Mic for iPhone Android Live Broadcast Gaming Phone Mic.

Wireless Mic:
Audio Video Recording Mini Mic for iPhone Android Live Broadcast Gaming Phone Mic.

Wireless Mic:

Item description

SNZIYAG New Wireless Lavalier Microphone Portable Audio Video Recording Mic For IPhone Android Live Game Mobile Phone Camera.

Wireless Mic:
Wireless Mic:

1. 9 ms ultra-low latency,20 m barrier-free reception, it can use outdoor live broadcast and take a small video.

2. It doesn’t need APP,plug-and-play,one-click connection, easy to wear.

3. Intelligent noise reduction, long endurance of 10 hours,easy to cope with all kinds of noisy environment, worry-free shooting, meet your needs for a day.

4. 360 full pointing pick up,record every detail of the sound.

5. Small and convenient, it compatible with various devices, support mobile phone, tablet, camera, notebook,etc


Frequency: 2.4GHz

Input voltage: DC4.8-5.4V

Charging port: for Lightning/for Type-C

Battery capacity: 80mAh

Transmission Distance: 8 m barrier, 20 m barrier free

Microphone size: 62*23*28mm

Microphone weight: 7g

Receiver size: 45*27*7mm

Receiver weight: 4g

Package included:

1 x Rechargeable Wireless Microphone

1 x Receiver

1 x English Manual

1 x USB cable.

Wireless Mic:

I as of late bought the remote lavaliere receiver for my sound and video accounts, and I should say, I’m very dazzled with its exhibition. As an eager substance maker, this smaller than normal mic has demonstrated to be a fundamental apparatus for upgrading the sound nature of my accounts.

The convenience of this mouthpiece, right off the Phone, is fabulous. Its reduced size permits me to heft it around effectively, making it helpful for in a hurry accounts. Whether I’m shooting recordings outside or leading meetings in various areas, this remote receiver has never been a problem to convey.

The arrangement cycle was shockingly basic. It easily interfaces with my iPhone and Android gadgets with next to no similarity issues. When matched, the receiver faultlessly catches completely clear sound, taking out any foundation commotion or aggravations. This guarantees that the sound in my recordings is proficient and of top caliber.

Furthermore, the remote component is an outright huge advantage. Never again do I need to limit my developments or continually stress over tangled links. I can unreservedly move around during live transmissions or gaming meetings with practically no interferences. This has altogether further developed my general recording experience.

One more vital part of this mouthpiece is its sturdiness. In spite of being lightweight and conservative, it feels strong and very much fabricated. I have involved it for a while at this point, and it has endured my thorough use with next to no issues. The development of this smaller than normal mic is genuinely admirable.

Moreover, the amplifier’s battery duration is great. It goes on for expanded periods, permitting me to record for a really long time without stressing over it biting the dust halfway through a meeting. It likewise charges rapidly, which is extraordinarily advantageous when there’s no time to waste.

All in all, the remote lavalier mouthpiece for iPhone and Android has surpassed my assumptions regarding sound quality, conveyability, usability, and by and large sturdiness. It is without a doubt an important expansion to my recording hardware. Whether you’re a substance maker, live decoration, or gamer, I enthusiastically suggest this receiver for upgrading your sound insight and taking your accounts to a higher level.


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