Xiaomai Original Global Version Pad 6 Pro Snapdragon 888 Tablet

Xiaomai Pad 6 Pro, 888 Tablet:

Just found this amazing item, Xiaomai Original GlobalXiaomai Original Global Version Pad 6 Pro Snapdragon 888 Tablet PC Android 13 RAM 16GB+ROM 1TB 5G HD 4K Screen WIFI Mi Tab.

Xiaomai Pad 6 Pro, 888 Tablet:


Xiaomai Pad 6 Pro, 888 Tablet:

Item description:

The tablet is suitable for many languages, please rest assured to buy, the tablet accessories are complete and brand new, please check the tablet after receiving the tablet, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, thank you for your support!

Xiaomai Original Global Version Pad 6 Pro Snapdragon 888 Tablet
Xiaomai Original Global Version Pad 6 Pro Snapdragon 888 Tablet. 

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Xiaomai Pad 6 Pro, 888 Tablet.

Tab Mi Pad 6 Pro 2023:

Snapdragon 888 flagship processor

11 inch 4K ultra clear eye protection screen.

120Hz ultra-high refresh rate

10000mAh high capacity battery,

All metal integrated body

Physical dimensions

Length: 253.95mm

Width: 165.18mm

Thickness: 6.51mm

Weight: 500 grams

Front/ear Camera 8MP/24MP

Xiaomai Pad 6 Pro, 888 Tablet:
Memory capacity:

8GB+128GB/12GB+256GB/16GB+512GB/     1TB, Running memory: 8GB/12GB/16GB

Body storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB Screen display, 11 inch 4K professional primary color screen, Screen type: IPS, Resolution: 2880 * 1800, Refresh rate: up to 120Hz, Package Content Standard: Tablet PC | Adapter | Charger Cable | touchscreen pen | Wired Earphone | protective film | Quick Start Guide

Suit: Tablet PC | Adapter | Charger Cable | touchscreen pen | Wired Earphone | protective film | Quick Start Guide+Keyboard+Protective sleeve, and 6 Pro Powerful Bursts,

Mobile Internet:

Quick Pairing Fast File Transfer

Pad 6 Pro Max, 16GB+512GB,

Snapdragon 888, Android 13 Global Version,

Fast Processor:

Snapdragon 888, Split-Screen Mode Lets You View Two Apps Side By Side on

Screen So You Can Watch a Video While Chating or Working Android 13 Ai Powere.

Powerful Snapdragon 888,

Processor, Provide Strong Motivation For Productivity.

Flexible Control of Multiple Usage Scenarios For You

10000mAh Large Power

Spuer Millet Surge Charge

Strong Endurance

Escort the Sense of Security.

Smart Keyboard:

Productivity Improvement, Featuring a 64 Key Design Providing You With a Comfortable and Effortless Typing Experience.

Large Touchpad For Comprehensive Screen Touch Gesture Operation

Whether it’s Chatting or Writing Articles Your Efficiency Will Greatly Improve

Xiaomai Pad 6 Pro, 888 Tablet.

Experience the Power-Packed Xiaomai Pad 6 Pro: Your Ultimate Multimedia Companion.


In the world of tablets, Xiaomai has consistently raised the bar with its innovative devices. The Xiaomai Original Global Version Pad 6 Pro is no exception, boasting top-of-the-line features that make it an ideal choice for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. With its powerful Snapdragon 888 processor, generous RAM and storage options, stunning 4K display, and lightning-fast 5G connectivity, this tablet is destined to revolutionize the way we consume multimedia content. Join us as we dive into the various aspects of the Xiaomai Pad 6 Pro and explore how it sets a new standard for tablet performance.

1. Unleash the Power of Snapdragon 888:
At the heart of the Xiaomai Pad 6 Pro lies the mighty Snapdragon 888 processor. Built on a 5nm architecture, this flagship chipset delivers unparalleled computing power, guaranteeing a seamless and responsive user experience. Whether you’re multitasking, gaming, or streaming your favorite shows, the Pad 6 Pro can handle it all effortlessly, thanks to its cutting-edge processor architecture.

2. Massive RAM and Storage:
To complement the powerful Snapdragon 888, the Pad 6 Pro offers an impressive 13GB of RAM, ensuring smooth multitasking without any lag. Furthermore, it comes with a massive 1TB of internal storage, allowing you to store all your files, documents, and media without worrying about running out of space. Say goodbye to external hard drives or cloud storage limitations!

3. Immerse Yourself in Stunning Visuals:
The Pad 6 Pro features a high-definition 4K display that transports you into a world of vibrant colors and razor-sharp visuals. Saunter through your favorite Netflix series, dive into the latest AAA games, or immerse yourself in graphic-intensive design projects effortlessly, all brought to life on this magnificent screen. Get ready for a cinematic and engrossing viewing experience like never before.

4. Stay Ahead with 5G Capabilities:
With 5G connectivity, the Pad 6 Pro ensures ultra-fast download and upload speeds, enabling you to stay connected even on the go. Stream high-quality content, join video conferences seamlessly, and upload large files in the blink of an eye. The possibilities are endless when you harness the power of 5G.

5. A User-Friendly Android Experience:
​Running on the latest Android operating system, the Pad 6 Pro offers a familiar and user-friendly interface. Discover a multitude of apps on the Google Play Store and customize your device to suit your preferences effortlessly. From social media to productivity tools, everything is just a few taps away.


The Xiaomai Original Global Version Pad 6 Pro is a true powerhouse, housing top-of-the-line features designed to enhance your multimedia experience. With its Snapdragon 888 processor, immense RAM and storage capacities, stunning 4K display, and super-fast 5G connectivity, this tablet outshines its competitors. Whether you’re a creative professional, a digital nomad, or an avid consumer of multimedia content, the Pad 6 Pro is the perfect companion for all your needs. Brace yourself for a world of entertainment, productivity, and mobility like never before with Xiaomai Pad 6 Pro.


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